Digital diagnostics

Proper diagnosis of the patient is essential before starting a treatment.
Our clinic is equipped with high-quality diagnostic devices, thanks to which we can effectively analyze and design a 3D treatment plan with visualization for our patients.

iTERO digital scanner

iTERO is an intraoral digital scanner, thanks to which we can quickly and comfortably scan the patient’s teeth and bite. Immediately after scanning, the patient sees his current state of teeth and thanks to 3D visualization he has the opportunity to see what he could look like after aligning the teeth.

Benefits of a digital scanner:

  • Fast and convenient scanning
  • 3D visualization of your teeth before and after treatment
  • Digital design of treatment plan
  • More comfortable and accurate than classic tooth impressions


X-rays are a diagnostic method that uses X-rays and their various penetrations through soft and hard tissues. In our clinic we use 2D X-rays from Planmeca. Its radiation is captured on a computer sensor, which displays an X-ray image directly on the computer. Thanks to modern technology, radiation doses are lower compared to conventional imaging. We have the option of editing the X-ray image, uploading it to you on USB or send it to you by email.

Panoramic X-ray – OPG

The orthopantomogram is a panoramic image showing the lower and upper jaw together with the beneficial cavities and the maxillary and temporal joint.

TELE X-ray

It is a lateral X-ray of the skull with soft tissue detection. It is an important part of orthodontic analysis.

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