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In our clinic we specialize in orthodontics, which deals with the incorrect position of teeth such as crooked teeth and incorrect bites. Crooked teeth or a wrong bite can be treated with orthodontic appliances. Today, we have several modern treatment alternatives.

Clear aligners Invisalign

With its wearing comfort, Invisalign has already gained more than 6 million patients worldwide. Invisalign are almost invisible aligners, belonging to the world’s top among transparent orthodontic appliances. A set of transparent aligners is made for the patient which he takes from our clinic home. He wears them for an average of 5-14 days and after this time the patient replaces them with new ones. Invisalign aligners are removable, so you can take them out before eating, oral hygiene or any social event. Invisalign clear aligners are an ideal choice for children, teenagers as well as for adult patients.

Frequently asked questions about invisible clear aligners

What are invisible aligners made of?

Aligners are made of solid medical thermoplastic, developed especially for the Invisalign system. Clear aligners are made to measure for each patient, which adhere perfectly to the teeth. They are therefore comfortable and almost invisible.

What is the difference between wearing a fixed braces and invisible aligners?

Unlike the fixed braces, which are glued to the teeth permanently throughout the duration of the treatment, the aligners are removable and can be removed from mouth at any time. This makes it easier to clean your teeth, as no brackets or wires get stuck in your teeth. Aligners are almost invisible when speaking or smiling. However, if you are going to a social event or you have an important business meeting, you can comfortably remove aligners from your mouth and put it on after the event. When treating with Invisalign aligners, we can show you the virtual result and treatment plan before entering the treatment. You will have a unique opportunity to see the course of treatment and what your teeth should look like after completing it.

How often will I go for a check up with an invisible aligners?

Check ups of our patients with aligners are individual. The patient receives a set of aligners, which he changes for new ones at home after 5-14 days. We also have a mobile application designed exclusively for Invisalign patients. Patients are able to take photos during the treatment, record the course of treatment and watch their teeth gradually align. However, we call patients for check-ups about once every two to three months.

Is treatment with an invisible aligners painful?

Some patients experience pressure on their teeth for only a few days when a new aligner is put on. The pressure is a signal that the aligners are working and that the teeth are moving to the desired position. However, the sensitivity of teeth disappears within few days. In our clinic, we also offer patients an Orthopulse device, which not only speeds up the treatment but can also eliminate or alleviate any pain or discomfort.

How often should I wear invisible aligners?

Invisible aligners should be worn throughout the treatment 20-22 hours a day. They are taken out only when eating, drinking dark fluids and brushing teeth.

Visible dental braces

When treating with visible braces, we use fixed and removable (night) orthodontic appliances. In case of fixed braces, ceramic or metal bracekts are glued to the teeth, which are connected by steel or nickel-titanium wire. Fixed braces are a popular choice for children and teenagers.

CCO System

At our clinic, we work with a modern system of braces called CCO brand (Complete Clinical Orthodontics), which provides the patient with quality and an effective treatment. The CCO system makes full use of the interaction between the bracket and the wire so that at the end of the treatment it reaches the optimal position of individual teeth. With this type of orthodontic appliances, the patient does not wear any rubber bands around the brackets, which ensures better oral hygiene and check-ups only once every two months.

We offer patients two types of brackets according to the material from which they are made. Fixed braces with ceramic brackets are less visible and resemble more to clear aligners. Metal brackets are a more cost-effective alternative, but they are just as effective as the ceramic bracket system.

Orthopulse treatment accelerator

Orthopulse is a device that speeds up the treatment with clear aligners or fixed braces. This accelerator works on the principle of photobiomodulation (low-energy light pulses), which stimulates bones surrounding the roots of the teeth. With Ortopulse device we are now able to shorten the orthodontic treatment by 30-50%.

Orthopulse is used as a part of orthontontic treatment for only 10 minutes a day (5 minutes for each jaw).

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