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Welcome to Klostermann dental clinic

Klostermann dental clinic is a specialized dental clinic with a professional team of doctors with 25 years of experience. We specialize in orthodontics, dentistry and digital diagnostics. Our dental clinic is located in the city center and it is easily reachable via private or public transport.
Our main goal is to provide patients comfort and high quality standards.
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Dental braces

In the outpatient clinic, we specialize in maxillofacial orthopedics or orthodontics, which deals with the incorrect position of teeth such as crooked teeth and incorrect bites. Crooked teeth or a faulty bite can be treated with dental machines. Today, we have several modern treatment alternatives.
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Restorative dentistry is the main field in dentistry. Its goal is to keep your teeth healthy. He specializes in correcting dental defects such as the removal of tooth decay with fillings. An important part is also prevention in the form of preventive dental examinations, sealing teeth in children and proper oral hygiene.
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Digital diagnostics

Proper diagnosis of the patient is essential before starting treatment. In the outpatient clinic, we are equipped with high-quality diagnostic devices, thanks to which we can effectively analyze and design a 3D treatment plan with visualization for the patient.
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Teeth whitening

The Pure whitening system has been designed to achieve excellent results and brighten up any smile. It is based on many years of experience with teeth whitening. During the first visit, we will create tooth impressions for you, on the basis of which we will make custom-made splints.
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